EBA Mission Teams

Does your church have an idea for a mission project or event but aren’t sure that you have the human resources available to pull it off? If so, then why not put together a proposal to host an EBA Mission Team.

In our desire to encourage churches in mission, and to build relationships between congregations, we are experimenting with something new – EBA Mission Teams! You’ve probably heard of the BMS Action Teams when a group of young people go overseas for a yearlong mission experience; well this is similar – but different. It’s within the EBA, not overseas; it’s for people of all ages, not just the young; and the experience will only be from a day to a week in length.

We invite churches to apply to host an EBA Mission Team at an event or project. We will then circulate this information to our churches in order to recruit the individuals who will volunteer to become part of these mission teams.

The type of mission project or event is up to you. It could be a holiday club or a community clean up; a pamper day or a weekend spent re-painting the church hall. Use your imagination – but whatever form it takes, we will be looking to see how having a mission team fits in to the ongoing mission and ministry of your church. We will also want to see a commitment from the host church to appropriately support the mission team and to be involved themselves as fully as they are able. Priority will be given to applications from smaller churches supported by a Home Mission Ministry Grant or without a full-time pastor.

For more information, contact Simon Goddard by email at simon.goddard@easternbaptist.org.uk

Download an application form here.