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Mission Parables

The strategy can be summarised in one word: POINT. But it will be expressed differently in every church. However each church needs to consider

Places – where is the strategy is expressed? We need an understanding of our communities, the mission needs, etc.

Opportunities that God gives – these may be regional or local, they may involve collaboration with other churches or agencies

Inspiration – we can be inspired by listening to the stories of what God is doing elsewhere and that inspires new stories that inspires new stories…

Need for God – we are dependent on God’s inspiration and power. He is the one who brings people to faith and we work in partnership with him – believing He can do it; willing to take faith-led risks

Training – not just training programmes and courses but considering what resources, encouragers, ideas and so on we will need to enable us to fulfil the mission – tailored to local needs, but shared between churches.

To enable us to focus on these thoughts the Mission Strategy Task group have been writing a Mission Parable each month which is circulated around the churches. The complete set of these can be found below.

Engaging with our Mission 1 – Places April 2015

Engaging with our Mission 2 – Opportunities May 2015

Engaging with our Mission 3 – Inspiration July 2015

Engaging with our Mission 4 – Need for God September 2015

Engaging with our Mission 5 – Training October 2015

Engaging with our Mission 6 – Putting it all together November 2015

Engaging with our Mission Christmas Special

Engaging with our mission 8 -Places January 2016

Engaging with our Mission 9 – Opportunities

Engaging with our Mission 10 – Wall

Engaging with our Mission 11 – Need for God

Engaging with our Mission 12 – Whats the POINT of football parable

Engaging with our Mission 13 – Training

Engaging with our Mission 14- A new thing

Engaging with our mission 15 – Reconnecting with Jesus: What is important to him?

Engaging with our mission 16 – Opportunities

Engaging with our mission 17 -Are we listening?