Peterborough Theological Society

The Peterborough Theological Society Programme 2016-17.

An ecumenical society, open to all.

President: Rev Canon Jonathan Baker.

Meetings are held on Wednesdays, 7.30 – 9.15 pm,

at the Friends’ Meeting House, Thorpe Road, Peterborough, PE3 6AB.

Parking is available.

Subscriptions: Annual – £20 (couples £30; unwaged students £10); Individual meetings – £4.



28 September: Rev’d Alison Gray  (Tutor in Old Testament Studies, Westcott House, Cambridge)

Samson, Hero or Anti-hero? Reflections on a Near Eastern Terrorist.

26 October: Rev’d Dr. Robert MacDonald (Tutor in Christian Doctrine, Ridley Hall, Cambridge)

Starting with the Spirit: an Approach to Trinitarian Theology.


30 November: Rev’d Canon Michael Rusk  (Team Rector, St. Peters Parish, Oadby)

Local and Global – Interfaith Today.




25 January: Rev’d Dr. Paul Walker (Minister, Highgate Baptist Church, Birmingham)

Peter Thomas Stanford: Birmingham’s First ‘Coloured Preacher’, 1889 – 1895.


22 February: Rev’d Andrew Hawes. (Vicar of Edenham, Warden of Edenham Regional House.)

Lost in the Labyrinth: Contemporary Trends in Christian Spirituality.


29 March: Rev’d Professor Chris Rowland (Emeritus Dean Ireland’s Professor of Exegesis of Holy Scripture, Oxford)

How William Blake can help us read the Bible.


26 April: Rev’d Dr. Harvey Kuiyam  (Ripon College, Cuddesdon)

African Christianity in Britain – Emerging Missional Impulses.


24 May: Dr. Elaine Storkey  (President, TEAR Fund; member of the Board of A Rocha)

Montgomery Lecture.

Theology for World Development, Sustainability and Justice.


28 June: Rev’d Dr. Marian Carter (formerly Senior Lecturer in Pastoral Theology, St. Mark and St. John’s College, Plymouth)

A Time to Die – Theological Reflections on Death.